Welcome to Tubing The Nile

Chilling on the nile is one the most precious thing you would have loved to do if you were given a second chance to leave...


Tubing is adrenaline drifting on the Nile with a tube (inner tube) while sun-bathing,birding on both mild and topsy-turvy white water. A safety kayaker is on hand for your safety.

Adam(director )& Julius,residents of Bujagali village started as local tourist guides, after a while,we joined kayak the Nile school and learn’t how to kayak,ending up becoming safety kayakers in Nile River Explores rafting company in 2005 and gained 10years of experience.
Hendrik Coetzee who was renowned South Africa Outdoorsman and author,his occupation was an adventurer and a tour leader. He came up with the activity known as Zen Tubing being carried on around the Nile,This was to reduce on people’s budgets, whereby one would still enjoy the Nile cheaply with Tubing. When he started the business, he looked around for the guides to help him running the business and he finally found us. We were so happy for the opportunity and the new activity introduced in Bujagali which no one had an idea about it. All of the sudden, as he was going to exploring in Lukaga River in Democratic Republic of Congo, he was killed after being eaten by a crocodile in December 2010. Zen Tubing got collapsed for some years, After a period of time, We decided to bring back the activity changing the name from Zen Tubing to Tubing the Nile since we had knowledge about the business and it’s also a good way to remember him.
One thing I can tell you is that tubing is fun !