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Chilling on the nile is one the most precious thing you would have loved to do if you were given a second chance to leave...

Boat Cruise

boat cruise

Boat cruise😌 Is a way of relaxing and enjoying few hours on the bujagali lake. We have a variety of cruises like sunrise, sunset, bird watching we charge $15to$25


Kayaking 😜 Jinja Uganda is a town on the banks of R.nile that’s gaining a reputation as the extreme sports capital of east Africa. This is in part thanks to the nearby stretch of the river Nile, its where Adam (the local boy) providing kayaking lessons with retired kayak champions. I decided to start this.

safaris to uganda

Safaris to Uganda😴 Uganda truly is the pearl of Africa, with the largest mountain gorilla’s population in the world. A host primate including chimpanzees. The Murchison falls. Un-crowded game parks with myriad of water ways from which to view wildlife and of course the R.Nile traversing