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 Meet the Team

With our greatest team is highly experienced and fun loving guides – very professionals, who know every corner in the river. Their knowledge of the Nile and enthusiastic attitude will keep you smiling and happy during your tubing trip.

Tubing the Nile puts more effort to make sure it all work with the industry’s best guides, since its the only first recognized company, we make sure no any other  than  Tubing the Nile adventure company in Africa.we have known the Nile for years, and have the experience, local knowledge and character to take you on an memorable trip. no knows the Nile than we do.

The guides have valid First Aid Certification, they also went through IRF approved Rafting and Swiftwater Rescue certification.


   Tommy Hatwell

He’s a professional kayaker,at the same a photographer, He has traveled, lived, worked as a photographer all over the globe. He as trained as an outdoor adventure guide which led him to working and coaching within a diverse range of roles and it has allowed him to really experience environments, people, and life on many levels.  his camera has been in hand to  photograph and a bottle of water on his journeys as he explores the environment around and he is the team of  Tubing the Nile.





is a born of Bujagali village along the R.Nile, he learnt swimming when he was 3 yrs old, he  started fishing  when he grew a bit up, he then later joined kayak school (KTN) and acquired river kayaking skills, after he started working for Nile River Explores rafting company which taught him further guiding skills and he now he has an experience of  10 years guiding people on the river.






is from Itanda village still along the river banks, he started as a raft boat carrier at itanda falls for some years ago where he was picked and influenced by his fellow rafting guide friends, he got encouraged to learn how to kayak other than carrying raft boats, he later became an employee at Nile River explores rafting company and got trained First Aid, rafting and swiftwater rescue certification.



is also a well trained guide and started as a safety kayak, he was also an employee of a certain rafting company, he’s a humble quiet guy but very funny when he starts talking breaking down the jokes,he knows more about the Nile story tales,just buy him his favorite Nile Special beer after work and he will have unstoppable funny conversations.