Driving Map :

Bujagali Falls is 84.5km from the centre of Kampala and 7km from Jinja, Uganda’s second largest urban centre. From Kampala, take the main Kenya highway 80 km east via Mukono, Lugazi, Mabira Forest and across the River Nile at the Owens Falls Dam. TURN LEFT at the first roundabout (AMBERCOURT) – not right into Jinja or straight ahead towards Kenya. There is a signpost for Bujagali Falls at the roundabout.

Follow the road northwest for 6 km, past the Jinja Airfield and STRAIGHT AHEAD past the turnoff to the Jinja Nile Resort and Adrift. Watch out for UNMARKED SPEED will follow All Terrain Adventures signboards to get here because we are in the same location,they are placed at regular intervals along the road.

After 4 km the road surface changes from tar-seal to murram. Continue through Buwenda Trading Centre, across a small valley and at the top of the hill, turn left at Budhagali Trading Centre. Approximately 400 meters along the side road you will come to the main gate for Bujagali Falls in Kyabirwa Village and you will see our sign post on your right of Tubing the Nile before the entrance – parking is within our compound on your right as you pass through the entrance archway

By Public Transport

If coming by public transport: from Kampala take a matatu mini-bus or ‘coaster’ (larger) bus to Jinja. After crossing the Nile over the Owens Falls and Nalubale Dams, get off at the first roundabout called AMBER COURT.

Boda Boda motorcycle taxis are readily available at the roundabout. Matatus are less frequent but a much better option, if it has been raining, as the last section of the road, will then be very slippery. Get a quote before starting – tell the rider that you are coming to Tubing the Nile – beside Nile River Explorers at Bujagali Falls. Expect to pay the equivalent in Uganda Shillings of about $2.

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